What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

January 31, 2019

When the time comes to replace your heat pump, it’s important to know that one size does not fit all. A system that is not sized properly for your space, will not only impact your comfort, but can lead to shortened life of your heat pump, and raise your utility costs.

How can you be certain you know the correct heat pump size for your home? Get started with a load calculation from the experts at A&M Heating & Cooling LLC. A load calculation takes specifics from your home into account and gauges the Btu (a number that indicates the capacity of a heat pump) necessary to heat your home. The popular and widely accepted method is a calculation of the total heat loss and heat gain of the structure using ACCA Manual J.

Some Things that Influence Heat Pump Size

  • Square Footage—How large is the area your heat pump will need to heat? Your technician will be sure to carefully measure the square footage of your home. Not every inch of your home needs to be taken into consideration during this process. Usually, it is more beneficial to account only for the space that needs heating.
  • Home Insulation—Insulation works to keep warm air from leaving your home throughout the cold winter months. It also greatly influences energy efficiency and how large of a heating system you’ll need. Let the experts from A&M Heating & Cooling LLC take a look at the insulation in your walls and attic. They’ll help you find the best heat pump for your house.
  • Type of Window— Just like your walls, the certain type of windows in your home, frame type, glaze type, gas fills/spaces, etc. will have an impact on the heating and cooling needs of your home.
  • Outdoor Climate—Consider the range of weather you have in Tucson. You should have a heat pump that can sustain the conditions of your environment every year, without straining itself or needing back up heat.

Don’t settle for ‘close enough’ when selecting your new heat pump. Let the professionals at A&M Heating & Cooling LLC help you find a unit that will fit your space properly. When you’re ready to start the process, call us at 520-200-1048 or schedule an appointment online. Whether you have additional questions about heat pump size or want to chat about options for your space, we’re happy to help you out.